Staying at Home in 2020

Though the idea may seem quite monotonous and drastically boring, we have to stay at home in this year of 2020. The year of unpredictability knocking at the doors of our peaceful yet challenging lives. What could make it more challenging than staying indoors when you feel like going under the sun and feel the hot scorching air on your face to feel the essence of summers in Pakistan. My country is a lively country nodoubts having a very resilient nation who is ready to face any kinds of fear and doubts and possess certain qualities to overcome them.

How it feels like to stay at home and restricting your outdoor tours. Honestly not so pleasant in the beginning but then the man is not a man if he lacks adaptibility in tough circumstances. And I am that person to exhibit a flexible approach and tremendous adaptibility. The fear of suffering from Covid-19 rises every day but it also keeps on firmimg my faith how my Lord saves me every day and gives me a new life every time I need to go out. Staying at home is not that bad you just need to reorganize your room the way you love things and increase the level of comfort at your home by putting in the extra effort to make your surroundings neat and clean. Aesthetically speaking this kidn of rearrangement will have a pleasant effct on your mind and soul.

The next thing is the family which is the most important basic necessity of our life and hwose importance is unbelievable. But now comes the time to truly appreciate your loved ones in a subtle and exclusive manner. In the daily hustle and bustle of our life we forget ho wour parents are growing old and feeble and how much love and affection they need at this stage of vulnerability. Hence we realize so many things and facts resurface to us which were just taken for granted before.

You can adopt the hobbies that you love. Like my fondness for the vibrant colours I have restarted myself to paint and just brought my new watercolours paints and drawing sheet. I hope I can splash some colours on the sheet innovatively or draw a landscape which can give me peace and a sense of blissful achievement. Similarly, you can choose the activities you have always longed for like reading any favourite book or writing some interesting stories etc.

Staying at home is hilariously entertaining when yoou closely observe the loving bond between the family and how your presence nourishes your loved ones and it seriously opens up your eyes towards the inner satisfaction and harmonious prosperity.

Staying at home requires your high level of patience and endurance as well as your determination in the times of turmoil and chaos. So keep your faith recharged by talking to your Creator once in a day or night as it will give you immense peace and fill you with the precious light of Divine Love.

By Rabeeya Hashmi

Artistically humanitarian with an enthusiasm towards writing and exploring the dimensions of wisdom, intellect, and literature. Passionate about writing and providing good information and motivating articles to the readers while building a great relationship with readers' minds

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